Hoodies are especially popular clothing pieces because of the comfort and flexibility that it brings. For the most part, they can be worn the entire year and paired with different clothing pieces. Hoodies are also easy to come by with numerous retailers both online and offline offering limitless variety. Choosing a good hoodie is pretty simple but to help you narrow down your choice, here are 5 tips in choosing the perfect hoodie for you.


For those that want a versatile garment or those that don't want to ruin their stylish hairstyles, they can go for zip-up hoodies. This type of hoodie can be layered over T-shirts or long-sleeve shirts. Zip-up hoodies are often made from durable materials and are able to last for many years, although the zippers may need to be replaced once they've worn out.

However, there are those who choose to go for a pullover hoodie to avoid zippers. Pullovers don't require you to wear a shirt underneath since there won't be any zipper involved. Choosing this type of hoodie, though, will mean you'll need to restyle your hair each time you pull it on and off.


In the past, hoodies were originally made from the same material as sweatshirts. Fleece and cotton blends were very popular for clothing use for keeping the wearer warm. Today, the market is full of hoodies made from different kinds of materials. Mesh lining is quite popular among athletes. Still, to this day the most popular material for hoodies is fleece, cotton, or cotton-poly blend.


The most common type of hoodie style is that of long-sleeve but the market offers other options such as 3-quarters sleeves, short sleeves, cap sleeves, or even no sleeves. People usually choose the sleeve length based on when they're going to wear the hoodie. For example, long sleeve hoodies are commonly worn during the colder months while those of the shorter sleeve variety are worn during the warmer months of the year.


It's very common for hoodies to come with cinched or elastic bands around the wrists and hips. However, there are options that these bands are absent. It's recommended that you check out the elasticity of these bands before buying the hoodie since there are those that have low-quality elastic bands lose their elasticity over time. T-shirt hoodies normally don't contain any elastic material for both the short- and long-sleeve variety.


Hoodie designs come in almost any and every form. There are a lot of people who choose hoodies that have no prints or those with graphic designs. Many hoodies available in the market today have very unique and interesting designs. Most, however, are usually designed with logos and names of sports teams, funny sayings, bands, or a particular cause. Choosing the design depends entirely on your preference.

 Besides choosing the right design for the hoodie, you also have to pay attention to the placement of the design. If you're ordering custom hoodies from an online retailer or cosplay shop, it's best if you keep the placement simple by choosing the design to be placed either front or center or at the back.

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