'Dragon Ball Project Z' is now 'Dragon Ball Z Kakarot,' arriving early 2020

'Dragon Ball Project Z' is now 'Dragon Ball Z Kakarot,' arriving early 2020

The one we knew until now as Dragon Ball Project Z unveiled under his real name during the Microsoft conference at E3 2019, offering himself for the first time, a real trailer with pieces of gameplay in it.

Dragon Ball Z: So Kakarot burst onto the stage of the Microsoft Theater and showed us what he had a little bit in his stomach, namely an adventure centered on the first adult arcs of the series of Akira Toriyama: Saiyans and Frieza

It should be embodied Son Goku, not only in his fighting but obviously in his daily because the information provided by Bandai Namco and CyberConnect2 indicate that the RPG dimension of the game will result in the fact of eat, fly and train in the shoes of the famous Super Warrior. And it does not stop there, since it will also explore the game world and forge new relationships with many other characters in the manga. Although the respect for the original work seems to be the guiding line of this new production, the game sheet evokes nonetheless secondary narrative branches, which will give answers to "hot" questions and remained unresolved in the manga..

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot NEW Gameplay! OPEN WORLD Map And Action!


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